Continuing To Read Through The Calendar Pages

As I continue to read through my calendar pages I think about why I’m having a hard time throwing them away.

Last night i realized it’s not the pages I’m holding onto. 

It’s the words on the page.

The positive words on the page.

All of the words I longed to hear as a kid.

I didn’t hear words of encouragement such as I was capable of achieving my goals or I was good enough.

Instead I heard all of the reasons why I couldn’t achieve my dreams. We weren’t rich or I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t good enough or skinny enough.

As I kid I longed to hear the words on the pages.

That I was good enough and that I could achieve my goals if I put my mind to it.

That I was special and unique that I had something special to share with the world.

At 57 I’m learning to tell myself the words I need to hear.

The words are healing me.

I’m not ready to give the pages up, but at least I know why I’m hanging onto them.

I’m good with that.

2 thoughts on “Continuing To Read Through The Calendar Pages”

  1. I have calendars with positive words or quotes that I too save them and keep. Some I have framed. You could cut some and frame them. These things happen during our lifetime at some stage people can be unkind. Each one of us “Have our own personality”. If others have not noticed, then sorry for them. Hold on to what is Good” and do away with whatever wrong words. I have been doing so much of Positive quotes and grown to be Positive with them, I have done posts on Kindness too. You may have missed them?” Believe in Yourself”. You are a “Nice person Chrissy always reading and encouraging My Posts” And I Like You as one of the nicest Blogging family” Sending Healing Energy Your way. Lots of Blessing ❤ ❤ ❤


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