Fun Friday:  Start The Day With Love

This morning I noticed a heart on my bar of soap.

I wondered what would happen if people started their day with love?

Love for themselves.  Their jobs.  The planet.  Strangers.

I know I always don’t.  I sometimes wake up angry or sad or overwhelmed.

I’m getting better at this since we rescued Scooby.  He is full of love all day long.  His tail is always wagging and he’s always willing to give kisses.

He is love. That’s one of the nicknames I call him.


Instead of getting up right away Scooby and I have Mommy Puppy time.  I pet him as he lies on my belly and looks out the window

Its teaching me to relax and not rush to get up. To breathe and just be in the moment. To pet Scooby and give him some extra love.

Isn’t it something when soap reminds you to love more?

My higher power speaks in mysterious ways.

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