Day 26 Of Kindness Month: Returning a Shopping Cart

As I was shopping today I realized there were kind things I could do in the store while I was there.

I could return my cart to the inside of the store when I was finished with it.

I could pick up a shirt or an item that was on the floor and put it back where it belonged.

I could ask someone that was struggling if they needed help.

If I saw that something spilled on the floor I could notify an employee.

These may seem like little things but it could save someone from tripping and/or falling or save someone’s vehicle from getting damaged.

And it only takes a minute or two to keep people safe.

How kind is that?

6 thoughts on “Day 26 Of Kindness Month: Returning a Shopping Cart”

  1. I wanted to return my cart yesterday after shopping at Aldi but a senior citizen returned it and then I gave him the quarter. I noticed him after I came out get into a nice car, so I guess he was not hard off but supplementing his income. I helped.

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