I’ve Been Cheating

With toasted white bread that is.

My stomach hasn’t been feeling the best for the last couple of days. I think I have a stomach bug that is going around work.

White bread makes my stomach feel better so I have been eating it knowing full well that it is not good for my diabetes.

Not white bread but white hamburger buns that were leftover from our weekend at the trailer. Kind of the same just a different shape.

I love white bread. It’s a comfort food for me. If I had a bad day at work I would come home and have a piece or two with either just butter or butter and peanut butter on it.

And just the plain white bread. Piggly Wiggly white bread to be exact with Country Crock butter or Jiff peanut butter.

Picky aren’t I?

Lately I’ve been having it with butter on it.

I love white bread.

I love the way it tastes. I love how the butter soaks into the bread and I can taste the buttery flavor as soon as I bite into it. I live the way it smells. I love the way it looks as it waits for me to eat it.

I just love it.

But my cheating must come to an end.

My stomach isn’t better today but the white buns are gone and I’m not buying anymore.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been cheating for a month or so but not every day. I hide a loaf where my husband can’t see it and eat it when I come home from work. Work has been stressful lately and that makes me feel better.

I need to learn how to deal with my work stress better. Without food. Without white bread.

This last week has helped me realize this.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I hide it. Almost like a alcoholic hiding a bottle of vodka. Sneaky.

Is there a 12 step group for white bread addiction?

I will still eat it occasionally at a restuarant or a party. I won’t give it up totally.

But for now I have to stop buying and eating it at home.

So good bye white bread.

I love you and will always lust after you.

11 thoughts on “I’ve Been Cheating”

    1. I once read a story about a guy who had terrible onion breath. A friend of his had the perfect solution to get rid of onion breath: eat lots of garlic, you’ll never smell the onion again 😀

      Yes, I know, throwing the baby with the bathwater, but there’s a kernel of truth there. Like Priscilla, I LOVE dark chocolate. I don’t like it, I love it. And I used to “only” stomach chocolate with the low 90%s. Then one day I took the plunge. The Montezuma dark chocolate (93% dark with 7% cocoa nibs). 0% sugar. 100% antioxidants. Good for me. As far as addictions go, I just go with it and it has minimal guilt associated with it. It’s good for me.. 😛

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  1. Hello Chrissy. I also prefer white bread most of the time. Why don’t you speak to the doctor about it and have it sometimes as comfort food when you really need to eat it in a smaller way? There is something like this, when people feel completely unable to eat drink or do something they really like, they begin to want it more. You can also speak to a doctor and find out what is the amount to eat a slice or two ‘once in a way” I have realized sometimes when I buy readymade sandwiches, the ‘filling is so good without my knowing I have eaten slightly brown bread! Do you take any med for it. Try to manage without feeling as it you are doing something wrong. Then you will feel much better. Sending Healing Energies Your way to improve your Health ❤ ❤ ❤


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