I Am Pissed

I noticed our lovely government changed the direction of George Washington’s face on the 2022 quarters.

Here’s a picture.

To me it looks like George doesn’t believe in America and what it stands for anymore so he turned his head.

It’s not right and I don’t like it..

In God We Trust.

When I look at the coin it looks like those words fell out of his mouth.

I can’t believe they changed it.

I am more spiritual than religious but those four words mean a lot to me.

I believe in those four words. I trust those four words.

I may be different than you, but coins are more than just coins to me.  They are history.  They are a reminder that how much the men and women who died protecting our freedom gave up.  they remind me that God is always around and guiding us.   They remind me to have hope and not give up.  To persevere and move forward.

To turn George’s head in the opposite direction is to say that the things I believe in don’t matter.  Freedom doesnt matter.  Hope doesn’t matter. 

This coin is un American and goes against everything I believe in.

I am saddened and hurt by this coin.

I never thought I would get so emotional about a coin, but I am.

Maybe because it’s the direction the country is moving in.

I don’t like it.

What are your thoughts?  Am I over reacting? 

I’m very interested if I’m the only one that feels this way.

5 thoughts on “I Am Pissed”

  1. Our government has definitely turned it’s back on God and the beliefs it was founded upon. I’m with you. Plus they probably cheapened the metal. I doubt there’s much silver left in it.

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