It’s Official!

The name of my business is Lighten Your Load Organizing.

I chose LYLO because it was the only domain name that wasn’t taken on Go Daddy and if I want a website at a later date I should have a domain name that matches my business name.

I had my heart set on Organized Chaos, but the business name was taken and so was the domain name. I could buy the domain name for $24,000.

No thanks.

Yesterday morning I registered my LLC and my EIN. It only took an hour and a half. Not bad.

So my business is.offically a business.

I’m excited!

Now I just have to figure out how to get my first customer.

I’m thinking about not charging my first customer and use it as a trail run. Or maybe ask them to pay me what they think is fair if they are happy with the job I did or not at all if I sucked.

I have somethings to do between now and then. I’ll let you know what those things are tomorrow.

I have a lot to think about…..

11 thoughts on “It’s Official!”

  1. I had to go back a few articles to see what this is all about, but it sounds great! So proud of you! As someone repainting and reorganizing my bedroom and closet, I knowxhow overwhelming and confusing it can be. (Especially to older minds like mine!) It feels so good to share your expertise with others. You go girl!

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    1. I would love to help!! I can let you know when my email is ready and if you want i could help you. You could send me pics and i can give ideas. I wouldn’t charge you and it would give me some experience. What are your thoughts?

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  2. All The Best Chrissy. I am also doing “My Own Thing” ~ Working for Mental Wellness and “Stigma” I have My Own Website Cards. This is from Vista Prints. I wonder if You also can get something like that Or get some ideas from The I net itself. As Advertising has to Give a Good Start. People Around or close by Need to Know. Again The Very Best of Luck ❤ 🙂 ❤


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