Fun Friday: A Little Early

I know it’s only Thursday, but my husband and I are leaving tonight for a weekend away. We are going to visit my stepson and his family in South Carolina.

It will be fun a fun weekend. 80 degrees and no work.

It’s been a hell of week. I’m feeling better, but we bought new phones last weekend and I bought a new tablet a month ago so trying to set them up and sync them has been a challenge. Someone was trying to hack into my Google account so I had to change my password and all that stuff.

Right now I’m on hold with the airlines because my husband paid for seats at the front of the plane and when I printed the tickets I found out we are at the back of the plane. My husband is not happy. I remind him that everyone is short staffed, and we probably aren’t the only people having problems.

Which is why I’m on hold for an hour. He can’t call because he is at work.

I’m not going to let it ruin my day. I’m going to continue to pack and move forward.

I’m sure it will get worked out.

I’m looking forward being outside in the sunshine where I can breathe and let go.

This is my focus this weekend.

To breathe and let go.

And to swing on a swing in the park.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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