Lately I’ve been waking up earlier. Instead of getting up I’ve been laying in bed and breathing.


Yes, breathing.

As you may know the company I work for isn’t very good to us, so I’ve been working on a side hustle.

Yes, its exciting, but it brings up a lot of my insecurities, makes me question things and brings up unhealed issues from my childhood.

As I work through these issues I need to let go of the fear, sadness and whatever other emotions come up.

So I’ve been waking up earlier to lay in bed and breathe. 

In and out.

In and out.

As I breathe I picture these emotions flowing out of my shoulders or wherever they need to come out of and away from me.

I thank them and say goodbye.

I no longer need them.

As I breathe I say nice things to myself.

I love you.

Its ok to let go of the past.

It’s ok for my dreams to come true.

It’s ok to let the real me out.

It’s ok to change.

Its ok to grow.

And whatever else I need to hear at the time.

The reason I’ve been waking up earlier is because the university next door is doing construction. They are tearing down two old dorms to make way for a new dorm.  Today the dump trucks started rolling at 7 am.  Not nice for a 2nd shifter.

Instead of getting mad about the noise of the trucks going in and out, I’ve tried to turn it into a positive.

So I lay in bed and breathe.

You know what?

I’m starting to treat myself like I’m special. It feels weird sometimes because its something I rarely did.

It feels wonderful.

I feel more confident.

I’m happier.

I am more creative and have alot of ideas roaming around in my head.

I’m becoming more of the person i feel I was meant to be.

It feels great to let go of those old feelings.

I’m making room for new, positive emotions and experiences to enter my life.

And for this I am grateful.

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