A Man Called Ove

I’m going to try again to read this book.

LA talked about how much she loved it on her blog so I thought I’d give it another try. I also had nice conversions with other bloggers who read my comments on her post.

I started to read two months ago, but I was confused about his dead wife so I stopped reading at page 50.

Last night I finished reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. It was pretty good. I will definately read more from her.

Tonight I will try Ove again.

Who knows……

Maybe the 2nd time is the charm.

2 thoughts on “A Man Called Ove”

  1. I was not able to finish A Man Called Ove. I could tell it was well written, but I didn’t like the tone. Kind of . . . snarky or pessimistic or something, not the characters but the overall vibe of the story. I just simply wasn’t the right audience for the book.

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