June Goals

I have 3 goals for June.

1. 100 Items In 30 Days. My goal is to type the first draft and to read 3 Kindle publishing books.

2. Menopause Romance. My goal is to rewrite and retype and possibly find a market. I’m smack dab in the middle of this menopause crap and feel I need to write this short story. It keeps speaking to me.

3. This blog. My goal is two post twice a week or more, figure out what my goal is for the 2nd half of the year are and learn more about WordPress.

I’ll let you know how I progress throughout the month.

4 thoughts on “June Goals”

  1. All admirable goals. For June I am to write and submit a story with a 45 y.o protagonist who yearns for a baby and sees menopause on the horizon. Of course, because it’s something I’m writing, it takes a dark turn, and there may be ghosts involved.:-) Good luck with your goals!

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    1. Sounds great. Is she in perimenopause? I love the gost idea. Do you belong to a writers club? Who critiques your writing? I dont belong to a writers group yet…still looking for one.

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