April/May Goals Update

I knew April wasn’t going to be a very productive month for me because of getting the Covid shot and the side effects, being in Vegas for five days and then opening up our trailer at the campground.

Here’s what I accomplished in April.

I typed a draft of If You Don’t Like How The Election Turned Out.

I typed a draft of 5 Minute Memoir.

I didn’t do anything with 100 Items In 30 Days.

I did finish typing the first draft of Jane.

I also new that May wasn’t going to be a productive month either. I was sick for 2 1/2 weeks after I received the 2nd shot and now I am playing catch up.

I didn’t accomplish anything in May.

Wait….anything that was on my list. I did start to revise a short story which I will call Menopause Romance for now. I know it wasn’t on my list, but the characters kept popping into my head and talking to me so I listened.

Hopefully June will be better.

I will let you know what my June goals are in a couple of days.

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