My Filing Cabinet

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out my filing cabinet. I took all of my old writing files out, put them in a tub and in the basement.

This week I decided to put my financial files (credit card, doctor…..) in my filing cabinet. I kept the folders in a bin in my closet. Why I don’t know.

Silly isn’t it?

My files drive me crazy and have for years. I don’t like them. They are old and misshapen. The tabs have been been written on both sides. They look like crap.

My files didn’t make me happy. I hated filing stuff. I hated the way it was organized.

I hated everything about it.

So I took an hour and I changed up everything.

I had a box of new files in my closet so I swapped the old files for new ones. I wrote each file name on a new tab with my very colorful markers.

I renamed some of the files. I changed credit cards to mastercard and american family to insurance.

I changed how I organized them. I used to have the files alphabetically. Now I have them by group. My flex spend account is next to my doctor file. My 401k files are together. My house files are together.

I’m happy.

I now love to file things and look at my brightly colored tabs. It’s so much easier to file paperwork. I file paperwork right away instead of throwing it in the closet.

I love it!

It’s the little things in life.

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