It Starts With Me

On Thursday a coworker told me not to expect cookies at work.

Cookies, in her terms, is praise.

If I go above and beyond at work am I wrong to expect praise?

The reason I wanted praise is two days prior I asked my boss if I could help out in a different area because a person quit and that area was behind. She agreed. The next day I went to that same area without asking and helped out.

I was telling my coworker that it would have been nice to hear the following:

Hey, Chris. You did a great job today. Thanks for helping out.


Thanks for taking the initiative. I appreciate it.



But I heard nothing.

She doesn’t believe in praise. She believes we are there to work and that’s it.

Sorry, but I’m not a robot.

Is it wrong to want to hear praise for taking the initiative without being told? For going above and beyond? For doing a good job?

I don’t need to hear it every day. Every week. Or even every month.

But sometimes it would be nice to hear.

And this week was one of those times.

I can’t tell you the last time I heard praise from management.

After being pissy about this for a day a light bulb came on.

Why don’t I give myself the praise I so desperately want to hear?

Hey, Chris, you did a good job today. I’m proud of you.

So I did.

You know what? It made me happy. I stood a little taller.

I felt good.

Then I heard my mom’s voice in my head.

“You’re getting too big for your britches.”

“Who do you think you are?”

My mom wasn’t much into praise either.

This was my answer to her.

It is not wrong to be acknowledged and noticed for what I do at work.

I know my worth.

And I deserve praise for a job well done even if I have to give it to myself.

Well done Chrissy!

I think sometimes the importance of words are forgotten.

Positive words.

Empowering words.

Healing words.

We all need to hear them.

Words do our hearts good. Our minds good. Words heal us. Empower us. Make us stand taller. Conquer things. Reach our potential.

Words are an important part of self care and for our over all well being.

I don’t think management understands this concept.

I don’t agree with my coworker. A lot of people think she’s a bully. She’s a little rough around the edges.

But she taught me something on Thursday.

Words matter at work.

If I want management to start praising me, then I need to praise myself.

I don’t praise myself at work. I never thought about it. I just thought it was management’s job.

That’s going to change.

I’m going to speak different to myself at work. I’m going to be positive.

I know it’s going to be weird.

It feels weird just writing about it.

I think my next step is how I want to be treated at work by management. I’ve never really thought about this at length before.

This post was suppose end with how we can be kinder and more supportive of others on this Valentine’s Day.

But maybe it’s really about being nicer to ourselves.

About praising ourselves more.

Loving ourselves more.

And moving on from what doesn’t support us.

Don’t wait for others to tell you what to hear.

Tell yourself. Back yourself. Love yourself.

You deserve it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 😘

4 thoughts on “It Starts With Me”

  1. Its Good to Give oneself, “A pat or Praise oneself if there is no one who does for our good work” so go one do that “All the best”. Your should be “Happy for yourself doing Good Work” Much Love and Blessings coming Your way. And Thank You Very Much for visiting My Blog and Appreciating what I am writing and posting πŸ™‚ ❀ πŸ™‚

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