Happy Friday!

Sunday night was our last night in Vegas.  While I was waiting for husband to finish playing a slot machine before we went to our room for thenight I put a $20 on the Can Can machine.  On my first spin I got the bonus round and received 8 free spins.

Twice I was 2 clicks away from winning $8,970.

Twice I grabbed my husband’s leg and said, ‘That would have been so cool!”

“They like to tease you,” he replied.

I don’t agree.

To me, it means possibility.  It’s possible that I could win $8,790.  It’s possible more money can come into my life.

I like possible.

After breakfast the next morning I played The Wizard of  Oz slot machine and landed the bonus twice.  I won $126.35

Three hours later and about ten minutes before we had to leave for the airport I landed the bonus on The Voice slot machine.  I won $112.63.

It figures.  I’m on a hot streak and we have to leave.  Grrrrr.

Last night on the way home I bought a couple of lottery tickets.  A little treat to myself for working 10 hours.

I scratched a $1 packer ticket.  The winning number was eight.  I. Had 5 eights.  Ididnt get too excited. I figured I was going $5.  Maybe $50.

I won $500!!!!!

Yeah me!!!!

Yes, I am lucky but I have been preparing for this. 

How? You ask.

For the last three or four months I have been listening to money and millionaire affirmations on you tube before I go sleep.

A week before we went to Vegas i started repeating this phrase to myself:

People love to give me money.

That week I found pennies and dimes on the ground.  Even a dollar.  I’ve had coupons for a dollar or two off of my next shopping trip print out for me at the register.  I even found a dollar bill on the ground in Vegas.

Nothing major.

Until now.

I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I truly believe that letting go of all of that stuff  (along with the affirmations) has cleared the way for money to come into my life.

I’m saving the money and spending it on something to do with my writing.  I want a new computer.  What I won is almost 1/2 of the cost. 

I’ll let you know what I decide.

I must go and fill out the lottery paperwork to claim my prize.  I’ll send it in and in a week or so I will have my money in hand.


Happy Friday!

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