Day 22. Three Week Overview

This is what I am letting go of today.

This morning I went thru the cabinet next to the sink in the kitchen. 

Four sample cough drops I picked up to try at a craft fair a year ago.  As you can see I never tried them.  Trash.  Not sure where the lip stuff came from.  I dont remember it and it’s used.  Trash.  The supplements came from my acupuncturist over a year ago.  I dont take them anymore.  Not many in the bottle.  Trash.  And the Bailey’s was a Christmas gift from my boss.  We dont drink so it’s going to the thrift store.  I’m sure they can use it somewhere.

What I noticed this week is I am happier and more confident.  I find myself dancing for no reason and cranking music in my truck that I really enjoy.  I feel lighter.  Blessed.  Grateful.

That’s very cool.

I’ve been going thru my desk area at work, too.  On Monday they officially ended my old job.  I haven’t done it since January, but I still had stuff that went with my old job and didn’t use at my desk.  Yesterday IT took away the computer I used.  I was sad.  I didn’t get to say goodbye.  I had my old job for 10 years.

I plan on going thru some more stuff today, but I’m wondering what changes that might bring.  I feel the stuff from my old job was a wall of protection for some reason.  Maybe I’m just afraid to let go.  Maybe if I let go good things will come into my life. 

I feel a shift coming at work and that scares me because really like what I am doing and don’t want to change it but I know that job isn’t my calling in life. I want to help people thru my writing.  All my life I have done what other have expected of me work wise and now its time for me to walk my own path.

I’ll keep you updated with what happens at work.

Even though letting go of stuff is hard, I think this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Until tomorrow……

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