Day 19

Today I’m cleaning out the two drawers of my coffee table.

Here’s what I’m letting go of.

I know. Cute stuff right? But if it’s just going to sit in a drawer unused then what’s the sense?

The dragonfly is cute and it has a little card with a saying but it doesn’t fit who I am anymore. The little notebook I bought in Vegas because I thought it was cool and now I dont remember why I thought I was cool. The bag with the face on is cool, but I have other ones I like better. Plus I can’t remember what I was going to put it in. Lol.

I’ve spent a half hour taking everything out of the drawers and wiping them out, going thru what is in the drawers, shredding old coupons and papers and I still have to put stuff back in the drawers.

I’ll probably rearrange things and put them in other places.

What the heck is happening to me???

I’m not worried. It’s all good.

Until tomorrow…..

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