Day 5

I’m cleaning one cube of my eight mcube storage cabinet.

It’s a mess.

There are six coloring books.  I’m keeping one.  I don’t color.  I bought them thinking I would.  I colored one picture in one book.  I’m taking four to the consignment shop and one is going to the thrift store

In one bin is stickers and in the other are words and.phrases I cut out of magazines.  I’m keeping them.  The deck of cards and can of air I’m moving to the tv stand cabinet.  I’m keep the Kelly Rae Robert’s journal.

I’m moving my bins of colored pens and pencils from my coffee table to the cube.

My plan is to move the bins to the cube and put books where the bins were.  This will get the pile of books off of the floor.

I will show a picture of the cube tomorrow.  I forgot to take one before I left today.

Here are the four items I’m letting go of today. 

Obviously I can’t count.

I dont know why I have the crayons.  I have a huge box.  I have been holding onto the stickers.   I’m probably never going to use them.  The coloring book I’m never going to use.  I bought it at a garage sale. 

There was one more item.  I remember.   It was a lock box that used to be my aunts.  I sold it on marketplace yesterday.

Can’t wait to organize my books, but that’s another post…

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