Cleaning Out My Closet On A Sunday Afternoon

I don’t really have a lot of clothes in my closet.

I have 3 sweatshirts, 30 tshirts and one long sleeve flannel shirt in my closet.

Last week I posted about cleaning out my hope chest.  Stine Writing commented on my blog about how many tshirts she has and doesnt want to give up because she might want to wear one some day.  She suggested I start an advice column for people with problems like hers.

I have to admit I love to talk with people about letting stuff go and organizing. It’s kind of a passion of mine. The advice column is an interesting thought….

I’m cleaning out my closet today. After cleaning out my hope chest, I realized there are t shirts I’m not wearing and/or have holes in and just need to go.

I have 10 or more tshirts in the wash but I like those so I’m keeping hem.  They are not hung up in the closet.

I have 3 sweatshirts. I’m keeping 1 of the sweatshirts and letting 1 go.  The third one has the name of the company I work for on the front.  I haven’t worn it in years.  It has to go. Ok, so keeping 1 and letting go of 2.

6 tshirts are going into my hope chest because I love them but they are a little snug.  If they don’t fit next summer I will let them go.

7 tshirts are going bye bye.  4 are going in the trash, 2 are going in donation box and 1 I am going to sell.

16 tshirts are staying in my closet.

Wow!  That didn’t take long at all.

I wrote this post up until now yesterday. I didn’t post it because I wanted to add a couple of things.

I bought a new tshirt yesterday at Tractor Supply that I absolutely love.

I am wearing it to work today because I have to deal with the bully today.

The more I look at my wardrobe the more I see it really isn’t a cool wardrobe. Some tshirts fit who I am, but a lot don’t. I wear jeans, tshirts and running shoes because that is wear for work which bleeds into the weekends. I really don’t have any nice clothes. Pretty clothes or shoes.

Pretty clothes that make me feel pretty.

I need to change this.

My clothes issue is a weight and a self esteem issue.

I think it’s time to get to know my body better and accept it for the way it is today. Muffin top and all.

It’s time.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Closet On A Sunday Afternoon”

  1. Are you following me? I have said the EXACT same thing! I finally cleaned out my closet last week. Some to GoodWill, some in a bin for next summer. Since this epidemic started — or since I’ve been home every day — I have gotten rid of tons of clothes. Clothes that didn’t fit, clothes that would never fit, clothes that don’t flatter my body of TODAY. I want to get back into fun clothes, pretty clothes, things that make me feel special. Even if I am 67 years old. Good for you!

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