An Early Birthday Present

Last week I received a small manilla envelope in the mail from my husband’s bank. I thought it was a birthday card because I’m turning 55 soon.

Even though I have never received mail addressed to me alone I was excited. Who doesnt like opening up birthday mail?

Pictured below is what I received.


Not exactly was I was hoping for.

I’m going to be 55. Not 60 or 70. I feel that this is something that my mom should get.

Not me.

I dont feel like I’m 55. I feel like 35 or 40. I dont look my age, but some days my body sure feels my age reminding me that I’m no spring chicken.

But the Golden Years Club?


I’m not joining the club. I’m not ready to take bus trips with seniors I dont know, but I will asked about discounts at my bank.

Maybe turning 55 won’t be so bad if I get free stuff!

10 thoughts on “An Early Birthday Present”

  1. 😄😄 that’s hilarious … when my mom had turned 40… they had started sending her AARP things lol … I used to laugh so hard lol … it was so funny – she was so offended lol (she did laugh too though) – she’s of age now – but not back then at 40

    Luckily I have not been invited to any Golden Years Club lol… I am 47 … I turn 48 this year… In 2 years I better not get any invitations 🤨😄✌️

    Although I might like the free coffee at McDonald’s – I think it’s free… I don’t know those details yet lol ✌️

    Happy early birthday 🎂🎈


  2. When my friend turned 55 her daughter proudly said…”now you qualify for the senior meal at Denny’s (I think it’s Denny’s)


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