Pick Your Battles.

Yesterday there was a container of hemmeriod pads on the work station I am sharing in the department I am working in during the pandemic because my department has doesn’t have any work.

When I saw it I laughed about it and wondered why someone would leave their personal stuff on the work station knowing I will be using it.

Of course I had to share with the others what I found so funny. I feel if you leave it on the work station it’s fair game to comment on.

We all had a good chuckle.

Today I found this note on the work station.

Mature. And this person is going to be a mom.

I smiled when I read the note because I didn’t leave a note yesterday about the pads being on the work station. Obviously she found out some how and wasn’t happy.

My coworker told me she left a note (shouldn’t I be the one to leave a note?) about she shouldn’t leave gross stuff out (dont remember exact wording) Her reason for leaving the note was that the girl who sits at the work station is a bitch.

I get that. She thinks she is the boss. She left me a note last to remind me to put her stuff back if I moved it.

Childish. Then don’t leave your shit all over the work station.

“Are you going to leave her a note back?” My coworker that left the note asked.

“Probably.” I said and started to work, but more I thought about the more I decided against it. Why should I? It’s not my fight. I’m only in this department because my department doesn’t have any work. Not because it’s my dream job and they had an opening.

I’m not here to get in a pissing match with some pregnant chick who likes to be the boss. If I was staying in the department I would definately stand my ground. But I’m not, so why bother?

My coworker who wrote the note is very nice, but she likes to stir the pot. I dont know her that well, but I have figured that out.

I don’t want to get involved in all of that department drama especially since its not my department. I don’t even participate in my own department’s drama. Why would I participate in theirs?

“I think you should,” my coworker said to me a couple of hours later.

I didn’t say anything.

This isn’t grade school and I’m too damn old for this drama shit. I go to work to work, make a couple of bucks and then go home.

I don’t go to work to piss people I don’t even know off. Although that could be fun….

I want to continue to work in this department until this pandemic is over. I have it made. It’s easy. I don’t want to start shit and then I have to go somewhere else that I hate because I’m picking on a pregnant lady.

Did I say I’m too old for this shit? Plus, I was raised better than that.

No, I didn’t leave a note before I left.


I have more important adults things to do with my time like figure out what I want to say about myself on my About Me page on this blog.

I would like to rewrite it and make it more about who I am now. I don’t even remember what it says.

This is what I want to focus on. Making my About Me page interesting.

Not on how some pregnant chick gets off on bossing people around.

I’m walking away from this battle.

9 thoughts on “Pick Your Battles.”

  1. This post made me laugh lol … I woulda laughed too!

    It is funny … not a big deal that it’s funny but pregnancy sometimes makes people sensitive lol …

    Maybe one day she will look back and laugh – she must be young?

    You sound funny – you sound like you have a good sense of humor


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