The Chair

Someone wants to buy the chair I have for sale on Marketplace. She messaged me this morning to see if it was still available.

My heart sank. I told myself that if it didn’t sell I could keep it.

I messaged her back admitting it was still available

As many of you know, I’ve been purging off and on for the last year or more. On some days it’s been easy because in my heart I know that certain item needs to go. Other days I struggle to let go of something.

Today is one of those days.

I put this wooden chair on Marketplace a couple of weeks ago.

It’s really nothing special. It has a couple of dings. A couple of paint dribbles. It came with my desk that my husband bought me for my birthday. It wasn’t comfortable to sit on so I bought a regular office chair.

I don’t miss it.

It sits in the sunroom unused. My husband wonders why it’s still here if we aren’t using it. (Yes. He’s my getting rid of stuff partner!).

I haven’t shared with him the reason the chair is still in the house.

Why? Loop

It brings me anxiety thinking about getting rid of it. What if I need it? What if people come over and we need sn extra chair? I feel like I’m going to have this huge void in my life if it’s not here. In a room. That I maybe go in once or twice a month.

I thought about writing this post at least twenty times which is probably as many times as I thought about taking it off of Marketplace. I thought if I wrote about it I could figure out why I am so anxious to let it go.

The chair means nothing. I haven’t used it in over a year. Maybe once to look on top of the frig. Am I going to use it again? Maybe next time I look on top of the frig. Honestly no. I really dont think so.

Bottom line is I dont need this chair. It takes up space. It’s never used. I dont even remember it’s in the sunroom half of the time.

I have to let it go. Even if it causes me anxiety. If I need a chair in the future I can go to Goodwill and buy one or I can borrow one. There are other options. This isnt the end of the world. It’s not heirloom.

She’s coming over on Sunday to pick up the chair.

That’s if I don’t change my mind… before that….

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