What Impact Am I Having?

I have never been to a funeral where I felt so much love in the room as I did last week at my brother in law W’s funeral.

I.didnt know W well. To me, he was always very gruff and crabby. Hard to talk to. Hard to get to know.

W had cerebral palsy and his left arm was smaller than his right. He didnt have a traditional job. He scrapped metal, plowed snow and cut grass for a living.

Every morning and evening he would have coffee at local restaurants. He was an fixture at these restaurants

Over the course of three hours at the visitation at least 10 people told.me that he would be missed. I’ve never experienced this outpour of love before. I could feel the love people had for W in the room.

People loved him. During the three hour visitation at the funeral home there was only two times that there weren’t people lined up to offer the family their.condolences.

The love in that room was amazing. Heart felt. Humbling. I felt grateful to be there to share it.

But it also made me think.

Will there be that much love at my funeral?

What impact am i having on people in the city i live in and beyond?

Am I helping people?

What is my purpose in life? Am I achieving this purpose?

Its four am and I am up thinking about the impact I am having on other people’s lives. I hope I am and that’s its positive.

I am kinda sad that I didnt know W better. That I didnt try to get past those gruff layers to see who he really was.

I thimk I missed out on knowing a great man.

Rest in.peace W. Thanks for helping me realize how much kindness and love really do matter.

You touched a lot of peoples lives and made their world a happier place.

I hope I am doing the same.

10 thoughts on “What Impact Am I Having?”

  1. Chrissy – Very sorry for the loss of W … Many questions, answerable only by God (and you). Of impact on others, please do not discount or devalue your importance and relevance in the smallest moments of life. God’s Purpose – To Serve Him – Is The Greatest Impact We Will Ever Make. It is felt every second. Every breath. Our Legacy is Eternal Life.

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