100 Item Fall Clean Out

It’s fall and I’m cleaning house.

Yes, again.

I don’t know why but I have a bug in my butt to get rid of 100 more items.

Yes, 100.

Last weekend I went through my winter clothes. 18 items went in a box. Jeans that I dont like. T shirts that I no longer wear. Underwear that were never worn, but I got for free. A bra I don’t like.

Clutter. Even if it’s in a drawer, its clutter.

I would like to get down to the bare minimum. What is the bare minimum for me? I dont know. I will know it when I feel it.

Yes, I did say feel.

It’s not so much my stuff, but how I feel around my stuff. Am I happy? Does it make me smile? Does it fulfill me?

The clothes I put in the box weren’t a yes for any of the above. I dont know if I wrote about this or not, but my hairstylist donates free haircuts to a women who helps people down on thie luck find a job. This woman also collects clothing for them. So I’m donating my clothes to this woman. I feel good about this.

18 items gone.

I also took 6 items to the consignment shop and 6 items and magazines and some other stuff I don’t count in my totals to the thrift store.

12 more items gone.

30 in total.

I also put 6 items on marketplace. I will add these if they sell.

I have 70 more to go.

That seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. I just need to be honest with myself about what speaks to me and what doesn’t and then be willing to let it go….

Next is my dining room cabinets. They have been my dumping ground. I know I said I wasn’t going to do it, but I did anyway The good thing is that the cabinets aren’t as big as the hutch was at the old house.

Someday I will have this clutter thing under control. Until then I will keep letting go.

Have a great day everyone!

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