The First 15 Days of August

Here’s a list of the nice things I did for myself the first 15 days of August. No. 1 is what I did for myself. No. 2 is my writing self. No. 3 is my money self.

August 1

  1. I didn’t work overtime.
  2. Wrote blog post.
  3. Balanced my checkbook.

August 2

1. I didn’t work overtime and I didn’t sign up for Saturday. 2. If I didn’t do anything I’m leaving it blank. 3.

August 3

1. Listened to story of Henry Ford on public radio on my way home from trailer. Very interesting. 2. Wrote for an hour. 3. Wrote in my journal about money issues.

August 4

1. Went to a fry out at my brother’s house. 2. Looked at my writing goals for the rest of the year. Not on track, but getting there. 3. Printed off Tracking My Money from I love her!

August 5

1. Slept in. 2. 3.

August 6

1. I started work at 2 p.m. instead of 1. No overtime for me today. 2. Started to reconfigure my office to make it more functional. 3. Worked on garage sale stuff.

August 7

1. 2. Started to read a writing book. Creative Visualization for Writers. 3. Gave myself permission to be wealthy. I have issues with it being ok for me to have more than enough money.

August 8

1. More purging. 2. Wrote blog post. 3. Wrote out checks and figured out register because usually I don’t.

August 9

1. Went to garage sales. 2. Wrote blog post on phone. 3. Dropped off my garage sale stuff by my brother’s house.

August 10

1. Had Date Day with my husband. We went to a truck show. Had a blast! 2. 3. Found my husband shorts at Kohl’s for 50% off. Yeah!

August 11

1. Cut down 7 trees. We no longer have to worry about them falling on the college’s power grid. Yeah! 2. 3. Don’t need to spend money on wood for the fire pit at home or trailer. Have plenty!

August 12

1. 2. Wrote for an 1 1/2 at the library. 3. Made $6.00 at the garage sale on Friday.

August 13

1. Slept in. 2. Typed a draft of article I’m working on. 3.

August 14

1. Slept in. 70 degrees. Great sleeping weather! 2. Wrote a schedule of writing projects. 3.

August 15

1. 2. Wrote notes for a post on how nonfunctional my office is. 3.

Wow! This post is not how I thought it would turn out. I thought it would be more exciting and motivating.

It’s not very exciting. I didn’t get a lot of writing done. I’ve been working on making my office more functional.

I did have a couple of ah!! moments here stuff clicked and I moved a step forward on my path.

I realized through my journal pages that I have a lot of money blocks/beliefs. Such as: I can’t make more money than my parents and I can’t have money because I’m ugly. I collected these wonderful beliefs somewhere along the line and now it’s time to let them go. I’m working on it.

I’m learning more about myself every day and that is cool. Making myself happy has made me stronger and more vocal. I know what I want and I can tell you what I want which is something I struggled with in the past.

All in all was a good 15 days.

I cant wait to se what the next 15 days bring!

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