QP. I’m Creating The Next Chapter Of My Life

I realized last Friday morning while garage saling that being nice to myself and all of the purging and exploring I have been doing is helping me create the next chapter of my life.

I didnt realize this until now but it makes sense.

Purging those items unclogged my path and opened new doors for me. Being nice to myself and exploring have helped me figure what I like and what I need and what is important to me.

It has opened my eyes.

Why wouldnt I be creating a new chapter? I’m not the same person that I was. I know the direction I want to go in. I know what I want to do. I know who I want to be.

There is one secret I’ve told very few people and I need to being that into the open. It’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing. I dont know why I’ve kept quiet about it for so long. It scares the shit out of me to finally tell people because I’m afraid of what their reaction might me but I need to bring it out into the open. When I’m ready I will write a post about it.

Until then….

I dont know all this new chapter entails, but I’m excited about it and wonder what amazing things it will bring.

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