Be Nice to Chrissy Month

I decided to make July “Be Nice To Chrissy” Month and do something nice for myself every day.  Originally I was going to do it for a week, but it’s been so fun that I decided I was going to do it for the whole month of July.

At first I thought coming up with something nice for myself was going to be hard, but it’s been pretty easy and enjoyable.

Here’s a list of the nice things I have done for self.  The gsandwhich suggested I post the nice things for a week.  Well, time got away from me so I’m posting for all of July.  Thanks gsandwhich for the great suggestion.  I love your blog!

July 1st     I bought myself Chakra Essential Oils at the Karma and Luck store in Las Vegas.  I love, love, love this store.  I could spend lots and lots of money in this store.

July 2nd   I wrote for two hours on the flight home

July 3rd   I drove to the trailer after work.

July 4th    I floated on my swan on the pond with two of my sister in laws and her sister in law for an hour.  Very relaxing.

July 5th    I went to my acupuncture appointment.  I love going.  It feels like I’m at the spa the moment I walk in the door.  The office smells wonderful because there is always some kind of essential oil in the diffuser.  I love the relaxing music – usually instrumental – that is playing.  There is a heating pad under my back when I lay on the table which feels amazing.  I even get oils massaged into my arms, feet, hands, legs and shoulders after she pulls the needles.  I leave there feeling amazing and refreshed.

July 6th  I laid in bed for an extra hour at the trailer while I listened to the freeway.  I don’t know why but this sound relaxes me.  Our campsite is about four blocks from the freeway.  I can’t see it, but I love to listen to it.

July 7th   I went shopping for 2 1/2 hours in town by myself.

July 8th   I bought myself two lottery tickets.  I paid $6 and won $18.

July 9th   I ate peas for supper.  Steve hates peas.  I love them.  Our food differences are a whole different post.

July 10th  I gave health and beauty items and food to our church for the victims of the fire in the apartment building next to my brother’s house.

July 11th  Email purge.   This felt so good.

July 12th   I ate egg rolls for supper.  One of the guys at work was selling them at work.  I bought 12.  Ate 2.  And no.  I didn’t share.

July 13th   I laughed a lot at the trailer.  I needed it after working a 8 hour mandatory Saturday.

July 14th    I found my favorite TUL pens on clearance at Office Depot and I bought them.  Even though I have five hundred other pens, I still bought them.

July 15th   I took my time getting up and moving today.   Relaxed and sat in the chair for an hour and did nothing.

July 16th.   I cancelled my hair appointment so I could sleep in.  My stylist understands about my schedule and doesn’t get mad if I cancel.  She was my purging partner for awhile.

July 17th    I went to the farmer’s market the with my mom and niece.  Fresh beans and peas.  I ate half of my peas before we left the park!  Love them!

July 18th    I didn’t sign up for overtime on Saturday.  28 hours of overtime for two weeks is more than enough for me.

July 19th    I worked 9 hours instead of ten.

July 20th    My husband and I ate my favorite restaurant.  This place has the best salad bar and the best homemade soups.  Of course there are peas on the salad bar.

July 21st     I cleaned and organized my deck box where I keep my bird food and gardening tools.  It was a mess and it was driving me crazy.

July 22nd    I didn’t feel good so I took a day of vacation to rest and recoup.

July 23rd.    I still didn’t feel good so I called in sick to rest and recoup.

July 24th.    I ate a Dairy Queen Buster Bar today at lunch.   It was a treat from my employer.  I love Ice Cream Day at work.

July 25th.   I walked along the Board Walk with my niece and mom.  We ate lunch outside at this cute little restaurant along the Board Walk.

July 26th.    I went the annual sidewalk sale at a small high end mall a few towns over.  There are two stores that have a nice selection of books I love.

July 27th.    I had a night full of laughter and relaxation at the campground.

July 28th.    I cleaned and organized my office.

July 29th.   ! spent an hour at and a half at my favorite library writing, organizing and scheduling and doing some research for my blog posts for August.  I now have a schedule.  Yeah!

July 30th     I worked 8 hours today.

July 31st.     I worked 8 hours today and every day this week.

I know these things aren’t anything truly amazing, but they have helped my perspective on things.  It’s made me more aware of what I like and don’t like and what truly makes me happy.

Upon waking I don’t think about my to do list.  I think about the one nice thing I am going to do for myself and kinda plan my day around that.  I think I am happier.  Doing one nice thing for myself makes me feel like a Queen because I am putting myself first.  That’s something I like to focus on.

But on the flip side of this, I’m realizing how my job isn’t one of the things I enjoy.  Instead of just spending 8 or 10 hours on the job, I’m looking at what I do and how much time I spend on doing each thing.  I have several different jobs I do every day.  Some days it is a juggling act and some days flow smootly.  I guess it’s not the job itself.  It’s parts of my job.  I’m trying to figure out I can stop doing the parts of my job I don’t like and do more of the jobs I like.  Maybe I will talk to my boss about that.

This past month has really opened my eyes to what my life really consists of and what I spend my time on.  I realized that there are some things I could stop doing to make time for what I truly love.

That’s the goal.  To spend my days doing what I love.



4 thoughts on “Be Nice to Chrissy Month”

  1. This is one of the sweetest things I’ve read and I love it. I like the fact that you wrote you ate peas and I think you said Steve hates them, lol! Eating peas is doing something nice for yourself, i love this! Happy Tuesday 🦋🌞🌻❤

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