Be Nice To Myself Week

After getting my pedicure yesterday, I decided I was going to do something nice for myself every day this week.

No. I don’t do something nice for myself every day.


I dont know why. I guess I never thought about it like this before, but maybe it’s something I should start.

Do you do something nice for yourself every day?

I’m so used to getting what needs to be done on my list done I forget to be nice to myself.

Isn’t this sad?

I feel like a huge light bulb went on over my head and I had Ahh! Moment.

I will definately be thinking about this at work today.

Being nice to myself. I definately wasn’t taught this growing up. I was taught to be nice to others and put their needs before mine, but never to be nice to myself.

I let myself sleep for an extra hour this morning and it was awesome. There was a cool breeze blowing in the window and I was snuggled my blankets and cozy. This was the nice thing I did for myself today.

Now I’m thinking about what nice thing I can do for myself tomorrow!

How fun!

8 thoughts on “Be Nice To Myself Week”

  1. Good idea! I am so hard on myself! I have the summer off which is unusual with no classes assigned for me online or in the classroom and here I am freaking out “will I work again?” Are they gonna call me? Did I do something wrong? No, my husband laughs and says “enjoy it” and so I shall. Great idea: being good to myself by knowing some things are beyond my control.

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