Little Babies Growing

I’ve driven by farm fields before where crops were growing, but never when the little babies had recently popped out of the ground.

These little guys are so beautiful! I love this photo!

I was awed. With of all the crappy, cold and rainy weather we’ve had in the last couple of weeks (I took this picture in the rain) these little guys are growing.

It gives me hope.

The farm field kind of reminds me of my life right now. There has been a lot of rain and clouds and uncertainty in my life lately, but there’s also been moments of little bits of sunshine. I see new parts of me that have popped out and started growing.

I’m kind of excited to see what will pop out next in my life and start growing if I keep working on and watering and caring for myself.

I have an accupuncture appointment later on tody so I will drive by the farm field and check on how the little guys are doing.

Life is good.

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