Goodbye File Box

I have to admit I couldn’t wait the purge this small filing box.

For the last seven years I have been keeping a notebook to document what happened throughout the year with my stepchildren and their mother. I also kept a folder to put miscellaneous insurance and other paperwork in. We did this just in case she decided to take us back to court because she is such a wonderful person.

Now that child support is over, I no longer need to keep all of this. My husband agreed that it was time to dump it.

Yeah. Another area I can purge.

Since its been sleeting on and off today and the weather is crappy, I have started to tear out the pages of the notebooks that were written on and emptied the folders and shredded the paperwork.

I will put the notebooks and files into the donate box and give the shredding to my mom’s cousin, who will use it for bedding for her chickens.

I feel really good about this. I’m letting the crap go, moving forward and putting those rotten years of dealing with the mother of my step children to rest.

I feel I have been holding onto the anger and other emotions from events that have happened over the years. As I was shredding, I felt the anger and emotions leave my body and myself open up.

Onward and upward is how I’m feeling right now. Good times.

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