My Husband Comes First

When I went to work today I got the cold shoulder from some people…mostly managment. I’m not surprised. I expected it.

The thing is is that I dont feel I have to explain why I took a personal day on Monday and a day of vacation yesterday to certain people. I don’t have to explain how scared I was for three nights because my husband never had fever like that before and I didn’t know what to do. I don’t want to explain that after my husband’s fever broke during the third night he was so cold that I had him lay on a blanket and i covered up with three blankets and i held him tight until he stopped shivering and fell asleep. They don’t need to know that he woke up a couple of hours later and the fever returned and he told me he was afraid of his doctor’s appointment the next day because it might lead to a hospital stay.

I get that we are extremely busy and need all hands on deck. I get that my calling in on Monday had other people doing my job. I get it.

You know what? I dont care. I didn’t make a vow in front of family and friends to my job but I did to my husband. If he needs me to go to the doctor with him because he’s scared then that’s what I’m going to do. I want to be there for him. I need to be there for him. I will be there for him.

We get a bonus at the end of each year. We get five calls in a year which can be personal or sick. Each time we use one of the call ins our bonus goes down $50 or $100. This why people don’t use their call ins because they want that money at the end of the year. Dont get me wrong the extra money is nice but I would rather have the freedom. The freedom to call in if i need to. So what if I lose the money? Would I rather have $100 or be with my husband when he needs me? My husband would come first everytime. He is my life. He is my world. If he needs me I will be there.

He’s getting better. Last night he (we) slept through the night. His temp is almost back to normal. He got dressed right away this morning. He said he felt a little better.

Let’s hope this forward motion continues. I’ll keep you posted.

11 thoughts on “My Husband Comes First”

  1. You were right. There’s a reason you get personal days and sick days…because we need them! You did what was in your heart. Don’t ever think that’s the wrong choice!

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  2. That was one of the things I despised about my job. They had things in place that encouraged people to come to work no matter what. For me, others coming in when sick meant that I ended up getting sick and missing work, thus missing out on those bonus days. How in the world is that sound business? When people come to work sick, others are also going to get sick and then they will end up missing days, so you actually end up with less productivity. They ended up changing not too long before I left and we had a bank of both vacation and sick that we could use however, but it was kind of ugly before that for so many reasons. You get time off for a reason. You should never be made to feel bad for using it, no matter the reason.

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  3. It’s a hard thing to learn…not to give a darn about that coworkers think. It takes practice, especially if you’ve spent your whole life trying to make friends and not upset anyone. It was hard for me. I’m still learning. But family comes first. No explanation needed. If they don’t understand, the problem is within them, not you. Am glad your husband is better.

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  4. Well done. Yes our families comes first. And Yes sometimes “Doing The correct Things” some will not understand. But doing what is Correct with a Good Heart, “Always brings Good Results in ways of Blessings” Always Remember those words. You are Brave and so are those who share the same thoughts. There are those who, stands to what is correct so good to see. Many Blessings to all of you ❤ ❤ ❤

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