Have A Nice Winter

These are words I say to my fellow campers at the end the every camping season.

We closed up our trailer this weekend for the summer. It’s always bittersweet. It means winter is coming. It’s going to get colder. Snow.

I dont even want to think about it. Its not something I’m looking forward to.

We didn’t get to spend a lot of time at our trailer this summer because we were taking down trees and landscaping our front yard. It sucks and yet it was good because our front yard looks amazing.

We will have next summer to spend at our trailer. Long Saturday afternoons to float on our floaties in the pond. Campfires. Time to relax.

As for now we have a bunch of winter projects to do inside the house. Painting the living/dining room. Finishing my office. Redoing the tiny downstairs bathroom.

Hopefully winter will fly by. I probably shouldn’t say that but the older I get the more I dislike winter.

Right now I’m going to enjoy fall.

One thought on “Have A Nice Winter”

  1. Ugh, you’ve reminded me…

    Even though our winter is mild and short, we still have to prep. Our summers basically last 9 months, so we are used to hot. Cold? We don’t do cold very well; and for us, cold is anything below about 65F LOL. But yeah, we have to prepare, because it’s coming.😕


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