Let Life Happen

I was driving thru an area of town not to far from where we moved from the other day. This is the area where I wished we found a house in. Sigh…

Let life happen.

These three words popped my head. I know the new house is where we are suppose to be. I feel that I have things to learn there and that it’s where we are suppose to be.

We lived in the old house for 10 years. I had a routine. I knew the area. It’s wasnt far from my mom. The south side of town is where I have lived most of my life. It was home.

Let life happen.

I know its time to move on. I really love the new house and the surrounding area. I am more relaxed. I am happier. Work and my mom really aren’t that far away. I love the drive. It’s more relaxing than I thought.

I feel myself more open to new things and experiences. I think I needed a change of pace and new scenery. I’m definitely looking at things in a new way.

The move has made me think of who i am and where I want to be. I feel I’m headed in the right direction. My head is clearer. Bits and pieces of the life that I want to live are coming to the surface.

I know I wanted to be in that same location but I have to let life happen and be open to knew things.. It’s scary to move out of my comfort zone and let life happen but its definitely worth it. If it takes me in a different direction then it takes me in a new direction.

I just have to relax and enjoy the ride.

I have to let life happen.

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