My First Night Alone

Tonight is my first night in my new house alone. I have to admit I’m a little scared. I really didn’t think about it until a little while ago.

We are in the country. There is a college two acres way. There are farm fields in front and in back of us. There is a house next door but they keep to themselves alot. And that’s fine. I’ve been a bitch with moving anywy.

It’s funny because I wrote the last three paragraphs at work and now that I’m at home I don’t feel scared. I feel at home. Like I’m suppose to be here.

I’ve unpacked couple of boxes and now I’m going to bed. I hate to post from my phone but that’s is all I have tonight. I have my computer back but I can’t use it. My husband has to update some of the electrical outlets. Well most of them. So that’s his next project.

I think this is possibly the most boringest post I have ever written.

Good night and sweet dreams everone.

10 thoughts on “My First Night Alone”

  1. It’s the boringest posts that reveal the most interesting things about people. I felt that way when we first moved out here to the middle of nowhere. Thank you for sharing the boringest post, so that I dont feel like the lone ranger

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