I’m trying to find wallpaper for my office because my sister in laws think that would be easier than painting it and they don’t mind doing it.  I’d rather just paint it yellow with a 4 x 4 foot area of chalk board paint on one wall.

I am a newbie when it comes to wallpaper.  I never knew there were so many colors, prints and designs.

I saw wallpaper I loved in Vegas, but do you think I can find it on any wallpaper website I look at?  No.  It’s probably five years old and no one carries it anymore.  I thought the wallpaper in the hotel was yellow.  My husband said it was tan.  Maybe he was right because I didn’t have my bifocals on.  Usually I only wear them to work and to drive at night.

Note to self:  wear glasses along when looking at wallpaper.

If my sister in laws are willing to put up the wallpaper, I’m willing to go that route.  We originally wanted to paint three rooms, but that changed to almost all the rooms once we looked closer after moving in.   I am on 10 hours of overtime and 5 five on Saturday  (Doesn’t that suck?) so time is an issue.

I wish I could just find some wallpaper that is me, but nothing has popped out yet.  I’m not afraid to take a risk with a print wallpaper on one wall, but to find that one wallpaper in a sea of 100’s of wallpapers seems impossible.

I’m off to the new house to work in my office.  My husband finished scraping the glue from the paneling off the walls on Saturday before we left for Vegas, now my mom and I will vacuum and wash the walls so he can Kiltz (probably spelled wrong) them tonight.

Tonight, on my lunch hour, I will be looking for wallpaper with my bifocals on.


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