I’m Back

Hi everyone.   My computer is fixed.  I thought it would be finished before we left on vacation but it wasn’t.  My step daughter turned 18 a couple of months ago so we took her to Vegas for couple of days.  Shorts and t-shirts for three days.  After that brutal cold that we went through the warm weather was heaven.

I can’t wait to start posting again.  While I was in Vegas I wrote everyday for an hour.  I wrote two blog posts on the plane to Vegas and reread and edited the first chapter of my romance novel on the way back.  I started my romance novel about 13 years ago.  I finished the first draft and started to edit it but never finished.  I felt it was missing something but I didn’t know what.  Last week while i was at work I realized what it was missing.  Becca, my lead character, lost her father when she was 12.  I tried to describe it but it fell flat.  I didn’t know because I hadn’t lost my dad.  Now that I lost my dad I can better describe what she went through.  I can see her character develop now so I’m ready to edit it now.  Yeah!

I’m going to try to post more than my normal twice a week.   I have posts that i wrote while my computer was down that i want to share with you guys. Yesterday was my first day back to work.  We are still on mandatory 10 hours of overtime and 5 on saturday so I will post when I can.

Here’s to a great 2018!

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