Turning 50

Black roses.

Over the hill.

Your life is over.

Some people may thing that life is over at 50.

Not me.  My 50’s are going to be fabulous.

I decided before I turned 50 that I was going to be positive about turning 50 and use the next 10 years to plan how I want the rest of my life to be.

My goals are:

—  to figure out how to make the second half of my life count

—  how to work less and live more

—  to figure out what I want to do in my retirement and make sure I have enough money to do it.

—  to be more confident in myself and my abilities

—  how to be more comfortable in my own skin.

—  to be more of who I am suppose to be

—  to get to know myself better

—  to start doing what I dream about during my working hours

—  to celebrate me

Wow!  That’s quiet a list and it seems like a lot to do, but that ok.  I have the next 10 years to figure it out.  Well, actually 8 1/2.  I’m 51 1/2.

So far my fifties have been fabulous!










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