The Best Valentine’s Day Present Ever!

The offer we put in on the house was accepted yesterday!!!  I think this is the best Valentine’s Day present I ever got.  We’ve been trying for the last year to buy a house, but nothing worked out.  This did and I’m so excited.  I’m trying not to get too excited because we don’t have the keys in hand yet.  Things can happen between now and then so I’m going to try to be positive and hope for the best.

My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Eleven years ago he sent a dozen roses to work and when I found out what he paid for them I had a bird.  $75 for 12 roses.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was very nice.  The flowers were beautiful and they lasted for two weeks, but really.  $75.  I understand why he did it.  It was the first Valentine’s Day that he was driving over the road and wasn’t home.  He felt bad.  I know he did, but I told him never to spend that amount of money on flowers ever again.  And he hasn’t.  To me it was a waste of money.  There were so many other things we could have done with that money.  I guess I’m too practical.

We were in Wal-Mart on Sunday and he asked me if I wanted flowers.  I told him to go to the local flower shop over the weekend and get me daises.  Yellow and white.  I love daises.  We had yellow and white daises in mason jars on the tables and in all of the bouquets at our wedding.  They are in least two planters on my front deck in the summer.  I love, love, love them.

He gives me the best gift every week.  He comes home safe and sound.  That’s more than I can ask for.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!  I hope your day is filled with love, happiness and laughter.

Have a great day!


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