What’s In Your Hand Bag?

Three weeks ago I sent my hand bag out to get cleaned.

Yes, cleaned. And the zipper repaired.

Over seven years ago I spent over $250 on the purse pictured below in Las Vegas. I pondered on it for over a year and finally bought it. I didn’t want to spend the money, but I did and it was totally worth it.

I bought it at Brighton and with my purchase I get two free hand bag cleanings a year. I call Brighton in advance to let them know I’m sending my hand bag and they clean it and send it back to me.

I received my repaired hand bag back yesterday and as I am putting items back in it this morning I’m wondering if I really need to put back everything that was in it.

This is the perfect time to declutter my purse.

This is what I took out of it.

What do I really need?

My wallet.

The next question is do I really need everything in my wallet?

No. I found five cards that either were expired or the store has closed.

My checkbook. I need this, although I am getting a new checkbook cover. One that expresses who I am. I have one picked out, but I didn’t buy it yet. I hate the one I have now.

I have two coin purses. Do I need both?

The coin purse that has fearless written on it has miscellaneous cards in it. Grocery cards. I don’t use them. I usually give the cashier my phone number. Bank ID cards.

There’s also a bunch of junk. A bank card I haven’t banked at in years. A rewards card for a store that closed two years ago. A discount card for a thrift store that I don’t go into anymore. Place cards from a wedding my husband and attended seven years ago. And a card from the jewelry store we bought our wedding rings at 13 years ago.

All of that junk is in the garbage.

The coin purse with the xoxo on it is all of my room keys from the Vegas hotels I have stayed at. I have been to Vegas nineteen times.

Why do I keep them in my hand bag? I don’t know. I think I’m going to put them with my Vegas stuff in my upstairs cubby. I rarely show them to people and I don’t get them out to look at.

I think I’ll be ok.

My hand bag has two pockets on the outside. One on each side. In one pocket I have my counselor’s card in. I haven’t seen her since before the pandemic. I think I’m going to put them in my desk drawer. On the other side are a couple of loyalty cards that I use frequently and gift cards for Wendy’s and Culver’s and my library card. I also put my key fob in one.

I’m keeping my small flash light (it comes in handy), gum and dental floss.

That’s it. I really don’t have a lot in it.

I’m glad I took the time and went through it. It feels good and it’s lighter.

My hand bag looks amazing and I can’t wait to use it today. I missed it.

I’ve had this hand bag for seven years and I have never thought about buying a different one. I love the leather. I love the hearts on it. I love my matching wallet.

I love it!!!

What’s in your hand bag?

6 thoughts on “What’s In Your Hand Bag?”

  1. I’m obsessed with what people keep in their bags!! I admit I’m very boring though, because I clean out my bag every night. And my bag contents depend on what I’m doing. I took my dog to the park this morning so I only had my phone, wallet-key combo, sanitizer and poop bag. The other usual things are tissues, pen and notebook, sunglasses and water

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