November 5th Update

Here is a picture of my new canisters.

I didn’t want plain canisters, but I love them.  Since they are in the cabinet above the stove I wanted plastic. I’m only 5″5 so I didnt want glass because I was afraid I’ll drop it on my glass top stove. That wouldn’t be good. I bought light blue steel canisters on Amazon but when they arrived they were too small.  These work perfectly.

I’m also getting rid of one item today.

When my aunt moved out of her house in June I grabbed because I thought it was cool looking.  I don’t feel the same way today.

Today and Tuesday I walked 5000 steps.

Here are my NaNoWriMo totals so far.

November 1 928 words

November 2 811 words

November 3 851 words

November 4 251 words

Yesterday I went shopping out of town with my sister and my niece. I didn’t get all of my word count in for the day, but that’s ok. We had a really nice day and it was 63 degrees and I wore shorts!

I’m going to bring my items that I let go of to the resale shop tomorrow. I’m kinda nervous. I’ll post pics tomorrow.

Until then….

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