QP: People Love To Give Me Money

Wow! I havent done a quick post (QP) in a long time.

People love to give me money.

This is one of the affirmations I repeat throughout the day.

I’ve been reading about manifesting lately. It fascinates me. It’s really interesting and I’ve been learning a lot.

Last week when I was saying the affirmation a picture of a 500 dollar bill under the windshield of my truck popped into my head

The picture I drew above is the 500 dollar bill on my windshield. My drawing skills are another post….

I was disappointed when I found out that they don’t make 500 dollar bills anymore. How was I suppose to manifest something that hardly anyone has?

The vision was so strong that I’m going to keep believing it can happen, put the picture I drew on my vision board and we’ll see what happens.

Two nights ago I dropped some things off by mom and she gave me a envelope with money in it. I think she owed me $27. I told her to forget it, but she gave me money anyway. I opened the envelope when I got home and there was a 50 dollar bill in the envelope.

Not 500, but interesting.

I can’t wait to see what happens.

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