Can You Comment Now?

This is so frustrating.

The comments button is on. It should work.

Emphasis on should.

It sucks that the isnt any other way to check if the comment box is there unless you post something.

And then if that doesn’t work….

Hopefully this works.

Otherwise back to the drawing board.

Wish me luck.

12 thoughts on “Can You Comment Now?”

  1. It is very intricate in the background. Grrrr. Go through each and every step under each and every heading and make sure it’s what you want for your blog. Maybe you haven’t allowed comments until you approve them. That’s what I do. Don’t need slams going public. Good luck!

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    1. I really dont get any slams. Although I probably shouldn’t write that because that’s all I will get. Just kidding. I will have to start looking at things before I hit the publish button. Thanks! Learn as you go!


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