Things That Make Me Smile

I bought this mug the other day at Pier 1. I love it! It makes me smile. It cost $2.37 on clearance. I love that even more!

What I realized this week as I was going thru my stuff is that i have stuff, but I dont have a lot of stuff I love and makes me smile.

Sad isn’t it?

It is.

I have bought stuff to buy stuff. To have stuff. Mindlessly. Without thinking about it. I just needed stuff.

I was taught to buy practical stuff. Fair priced stuff. Stuff that would last.

I wasn’t taught to listen to my soul and buy what I loved. What spoke to me. What my heart wanted.

I bought what other people expected me to buy. Told me I should buy. Wanted me to buy.

From now on I’m going to buy only stuff I love. Stuff that makes me smile and makes my heart happy.

I can’t wait to wash my mug and use it. I dont drink coffee so i was thinking about using it as a pen holder on my desk in my office.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Peace and love to you my friends.

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